About Us : Meet Dr.Wilcox
Dr. Eric Wilcox
I am a Rochester native and a University of Rochester Residency graduate.  I have completed a fellowship in Faculty Developement and Practice Redesign at the University of Rochester  department of Family Medicine (improvements in primary health care delivery). 

About Us: Rationale for current practice design
The current primary care health care delivery system in America is faltering. It has seen an increase in costs without an increase in quality of care. The current system is built on fee for service, a model which encourages increased quantity over increased quality. Many medical practices in today’s environment even offer productivity incentives to high visits providers (this is also known as the “churn and earn” model). In the World Health Organization's (WHO) Study in 2002 the United States ranked 42nd out of 90 countries when it came to patient satisfaction and access to quality health care yet it was ranked first in per capita costs.

With a boom in information technology over the past decade it has become possible for new practices to incorporate innovative technologies to increase both efficiency and improve patient care. Technologies like Electronic Medical Records and patient registries have made it easier to track patient data and follow key data sets aimed at improving health care outcomes. While other technologies such as online scheduling, secure Email and medical information websites have made it possible to improve access and patient education. Through my medical training at the University of Rochester and following the work done by local physicians Gordon Moore, M.D. and Scott Clemenson M.D. I have incorporated the use of many of these specific practice innovations in a small scale family medicine practice at Pittsford Family Medicine to provide the highest quality medical care possible to the local residents of Pittsford and surrounding areas. 

Practice Mission:
Pittsford Family Medicine is a community family medicine office opened with the purpose of providing top quality medical care using practice innovations, a planned care approach and increased access to your physician. The result is highly personalized medical care that you can count on when you need it.  
Practice Innovations
  • •   E-visits
  • •   EMR
  • •   Medical home accessible via the internet.
  • •   Easily available and accessible patient educational material
Increased access
  • •   Direct contact with your physician 24hr availability just a call or e-mail away.
  • •   Same day appointments usually available.
  • •   E-visits for non-urgent issues. Allows you to visit with
    doctor without leaving your home.